LEARN and experience how to identify your Radical Purpose

Radical Purpose


An emergent purpose evolving from sensing, responding and leaning towards greater Meaning, Belonging, Impacting and Becoming

How have your priorities, way of being, and way of living changed in the last few weeks? How are you adjusting and coping to the uncertainty and disruption in our lives and in the world?

In critical times we need to come together to acknowledge our interdependence and our power to make a difference. By understanding our inner guidance system, we can learn to co-create a better future from the inside out.

We start by understanding why we have feelings, and what they are for. Then we will take a look at our beliefs, to understand how they influence us.

After that we will have some material to understand how our feelings, beliefs and mindset can be directed to bring us a life full of happiness and fulfillment, what we call the Radical Purpose.

And, for sure, people aligned with their purpose don’t just stand still. They act and cause impact!


Our feelings and interdependence

Our Needs are part of a System of Interdependence. Feelings come from Needs and are the signals that help guide us to move towards or away from things, people, and behaviors.

Like Natural Interdependence, Social Needs motivate and regulate Social Interdependence. They are what makes humans a social species.

The System of Interdependence

The Interdependence System identifies 24 of the hundreds of Needs and is focused on Social Needs. Generally, we have unpleasant feelings when we don’t meet them and pleasant feelings when we do.

We explore four key interdependence needs, starting with Meaning & Belonging and end our journey with Impacting & Becoming.

Meaning – focus and purpose

Belonging  – social acceptance

Impacting – competence and accomplishment

Becoming – self-actualization

Exploring the power of beliefs

Beliefs are opinions or convictions that one accepts as true or real. They can be conscious or unconscious and are often subtle. Yet, they are a lens through which we see, interpret and interact with the world. A set of our learned Beliefs is a Mindset. Often, our Needs are filtered through our Belief system to generate Feelings, Thoughts and Actions.

Summary of the Radical Purpose for Radical Times Workshop

We focus on four main Needs – Meaning, Belonging, Impacting, and Belonging – to live a Radical Purpose.  This is the key to changing the world we live in and make it a better place.